Tom Berry

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Tom Berry

Exercise Scientist/Personal Trainer

Tom is an accredited personal trainer with a Bachelor’s in Sport & Exercise Science from ACU. His dream is to help the general public fall in love with strength training in the same way he has, as well as promote the benefits of strength training principles for all populations, regardless of background, training or health history.

Tom is competitive in the sport of Strongman but has a love of all strength sports from powerlifting to the Highland Games. His best lifts are lifting a 150kg Atlas stone onto his shoulder, a 145kg axle clean and press and a 100kg strict barbell overhead press.


Tom is a passionate and knowledgeable trainer who emphasises the needs of the individual, both in terms of your schedule, levels of stress and, therefore, capacity to recover, and in terms of biomechanics when teaching new movements. Tom is all about finding what works for YOU and is a big believer that the most effective training program is the one that you enjoy adhering to.

Regarding results, Tom’s mantra is “Effort, Consistency & Patience”. If you are willing to put the effort in during your sessions and maintain that consistently, then all you have to do is be patient and you will achieve things you never thought you’d be capable of.

About Tom

Tom has always enjoyed being active, participating in almost every sport he could, including basketball, AFL, soccer, softball, gymnastics, etc. As he got older he gradually began to focus more on basketball and began strength training at the age of 16 to help him improve his game, after about a year, Tom found he looked forward to his gym sessions more and more, until basketball was no longer his main focus. This trend continued until he discovered the sport of strongman in 2019, which has been his main training focus ever since.

While the practical side of fitness has always been a big part of Tom’s life, he discovered his passion for the theory behind it all, completely by chance. After struggling with mental health throughout high school and eventually dropping out of year 12 as a result, Tom began his Cert III in Fitness so that he’d have something to do while looking for work. This course turned out to be the catalyst for a seemingly insatiable hunger to learn more about the human body and exercise science. Cert III became Cert IV, which then became a Diploma of Sport Development and finally a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise & Sport Science, though Tom believes he still has much more to learn and hopes to continue his personal development long into the future.

Outside of training, Tom is an animal and insect lover (his favourite being his rescue dog, Roxy), an avid PC gamer and never says no to a good coffee.

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