Personal Trainer & Nutritionist Rachael Fisher from Plexus Personal Training

Rachael Fisher

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Rachael Fisher is a dual-certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, specialising in strength training and body recomposition.

Rachael has been training for almost a decade. She fell in love with the process of continually improving herself, both physically and mentally. Over the past decade, Rachael has sought out and learned from the best trainers and medical practitioners in the world. As a result, she has been able to better her knowledge, and help her clients.

Rachael is a competitive powerlifter with Powerlifting Australia. Her best lifts to date are a 121kg squat, a 75kg bench press and a 165kg deadlift.


Rachael Fisher understands that every individual is different. She enjoys getting to know her clients and uses an evidence-based approach to create customised training programs and nutrition recommendations. Rachael believes in working with her clients to build up their health and fitness using a structured program. She tailors her approach to each individual’s personal goals and preferences, and in addition, strives to make every session satisfying and enjoyable.

Rachael’s main goal is to help her clients achieve theirs. Whether they want to get stronger, drop a few kilograms, gain some muscle, rehab an injury, or just improve the quality of their life, she is ready to help. She uses a combination of strength training, conditioning, and a balanced diet to give her clients the tools they need to create a lifestyle that they love. In addition, she has a strong focus on creating maintainable changes. As a result, her clients see the long-term benefits of their personal goals.

About Rachael

As you can imagine, Rachael spends a lot of time in the gym both professionally and recreationally. In her spare time she also likes to spend time with her family and friends (including her two French Bulldogs), catch up on social media, or have a nap!

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