Natalie Barker

Nat Natalie Barker

Natalie Barker

Personal Trainer

Natalie Barker is a qualified personal trainer who strongly focuses on strength training. Natalie understands the impact of individual lifestyle choices and works in partnership with her clients to achieve great results.

Natalie has completed her Certificate III and IV in Fitness, in addition to graduating from the Master Trainer Program. Even after working in the industry for a number of years, Natalie continues to up-skill, prioritising personal development to become the best personal trainer she can be.


Natalie enjoys educating individuals with a more sustainable approach to fat loss and muscle gain through the use of weight training and various nutrition principles. With an evidence-based, no-nonsense approach to training and nutrition, Natalie provides her clients with all the tools necessary to create their own “fitness toolbox”. Understanding that each client is unique, Natalie tailors her approach to best suit individual goals and deliver challenging, but enjoyable sessions that are specific to each client.

About Natalie

Natalie comes from a diverse background in competitive sports and has played representative basketball for 12 years. After tearing her right posterior cruciate ligament in her knee, she underwent physiotherapy and developed a love for weight training and an understanding around how the body functions. Recently, Natalie has found a new love for powerlifting with the hopes of one day competing in her first powerlifting competition. Outside of the gym, you’ll find Natalie enjoying a coffee and croissant at the beach or on a road trip to find the best waterfalls that NSW has to offer.

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