Laura Newman

Laura Newman

Personal Trainer

Laura Newman is an experienced Personal Trainer, ex-bodybuilder, and competitive powerlifter. She is passionate about evidence-based training for improving strength and mobility. To ensure her clients achieve the best results, Laura prioritises ongoing education and is always seeking to expand her knowledge base. She is currently studying Exercise Physiology (Honours) at The University of Sydney.


Everyone’s body responds differently to exercise. Based on this knowledge, Laura Newman aims to implement a personalised approach to ensure all her clients are training efficiently. This is key to avoiding injuries while maximising gains. She encourages personal reflection and effective goal setting to help ensure her clients continue to improve year-round.

About Laura

Laura first discovered her passion for strength training when she was in her early 20s. Inspired by the willpower of female bodybuilders, she committed to a challenging training regime. She then went on to compete at the ICN and International Federation of Bodybuilding. When Covid-19 put a stop to professional competitions, Laura’s focus shifted from aesthetics to performance. As a result, she fell in love with the sport of powerlifting. She was excited to achieve a 150kg deadlift during lockdown and now has her sights on lifting 200kg.

Following her newfound passion, Laura made the decision to pursue coaching qualifications. Starting out in the fitness industry as an F45 coach and group fitness instructor, she is currently completing her final year of studying Exercise Physiology (Honours). She has a keen interest in the application of her studies to exercise, with a focus on the prevention and management of injuries and chronic illnesses.

When she’s not in the Plexus studio, training or hitting the books, you’ll find Laura outside enjoying the great outdoors. She enjoys climbing and is currently on the hunt for the best almond croissant in Sydney.

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