Isaac Akhigbe

Isaac Akhigbe Isaac Akhigbe

Isaac Akhigbe

Exercise Scientist/Personal Trainer

Isaac Akhigbe graduated from his Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science in 2022 and has since been a personal trainer. He loves to emphasise the benefits of strength training for his clients, showing them what they can achieve when they can push it to the limit. With his evidence based approach to training, Isaac implements strategies and lifestyle changes to make not only the training but the entire process enjoyable for his clients.


Isaac is a friendly and motivating trainer with a keen eye for technique. He strives to create an environment that is safe and supportive, giving his clients the tools to learn and master the fundamentals of movement. Isaac also gives his clients the power to achieve their goals in a sustainable manner, setting up their own fitness and health journey to be one that they can carry through life. He achieves this by writing tailored programs for each client, as no two individuals are the same.

About Isaac Akhigbe

Isaac started resistance training in his late teens after a few hamstring injuries from his days of playing soccer. He wanted a new fitness challenge and quickly fell in love with the gym. Alongside his own training, Isaac was beginning to implement his skills and knowledge that he was gaining from his degree to increase the quality and results that came from his own sessions, then he decided to take on a new challenge: Powerlifting.

Here Isaac built on his previous progress in the gym to a very close focus on technique, as powerlifting requires you to be as efficient as possible. With the help of his own coach, Isaac has pushed the boundaries of what he thought was possible with his own body, and is looking to compete in the near future.

Isaac loves watching all sports, whether it be soccer, NRL, basketball, motorsports, tennis, you name it he’ll be able to talk your ear off! Isaac spends most of his free time expanding his knowledge by reading and watching fitness content or finding new foods and recipes to cook.

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