Emily Harvey

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Emily Harvey

Exercise Scientist/Personal Trainer

Emily is an accredited Personal Trainer who holds a Bachelor’s of Exercise and Sports Science. She loves helping people move well and feel better through a holistic, evidence-based approach to strength training. Passionate about collaborating with her clients, she finds ways to make healthy habits easier and more enjoyable.


Emily is a thoughtful and compassionate trainer, creating a space where you feel heard, supported, and valued in your personal training. She cares deeply about understanding what matters to you, how you learn and think, and how your body responds to movement. By pairing this understanding with evidence-based principles, Emily crafts an effective and sustainable plan that’s right for you.

Building new habits can be challenging, especially if you have a busy brain, a busy life, or both. Emily encourages approaching fitness with self-compassion, enabling you to make healthy decisions that truly support your goals. Every session is thoughtfully constructed with your preferences in mind, aiming to make your time both productive and enjoyable.

Emily is committed to helping people achieve balance in their relationship with exercise and will guide you in establishing a purpose for exercise beyond appearance-related goals.

About Em

After struggling through years of school sports, feeling uncoordinated and unfit, Emily understands the challenges of viewing exercise as a chore. She’s spent the last ten years exploring different workout methods and has found joy in various forms of movement. From running and climbing to strength, endurance training, and mobility work, Emily’s training is driven by a desire to improve her performance, health, and joy.

Having worked on the technical aspects of her squat, bench, and deadlift for powerlifting, as well as endurance training, Emily loves sharing this knowledge with clients who have performance goals.

In her downtime, Emily enjoys baking for her family, taking quick ocean dips, going for sunset walks, and working on her latest creative project.

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