Bryce Crawford

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Bryce Crawford

Exercise Scientist/Strength and Conditioning Coach

Bryce Crawford is an accredited Exercise Scientist and Strength and Conditioning Coach, driven by a passion to assist others in achieving their mental and physical goals and needs. He has previously collaborated with the Central Coast Mariners Football Club in the Men’s A-League and Academy, supporting both the Strength & Conditioning and Physiotherapy teams.

Bryce holds a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Newcastle, and he continuously seeks to enhance his knowledge and practical skills, aiming to deliver the highest quality service to his clients.


Bryce believes it’s crucial not only to provide top-notch service but also to educate his clients throughout their journey. He prioritises the safety and well-being of his clients, focusing on injury prevention and promoting long-term sustainability in their exercise and fitness endeavors.

Bryce is committed to employing an up-to-date, evidence-based approach, tailoring simple yet effective training sessions to each individual’s needs.

About Bryce Crawford

Bryce’s journey in resistance training began in his early 20s, initially relying on Google for exercise selection and training programs. This approach, however, proved inefficient, often leaving him overly sore and without sufficient recovery time between intense training sessions. Since then, Bryce’s passion for exercise and fitness has flourished.

His formal education and experience have significantly enhanced his skills and knowledge. He is dedicated to offering the finest service and training approach, striving to be the best coach for his clients.

In addition to training and coaching, Bryce is an avid sports enthusiast, deeply interested in almost all forms of sport. He has been actively engaged in sports and exercise throughout his life, leading to a passion that frequently finds him glued to his living room TV, watching Football (Soccer), Cricket, Tennis, and various sports and exercise-related podcasts.

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