Ben Wright

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Ben Wright

Founder of Plexus

Ben is the founder of Plexus Personal Training and he is extremely passionate about introducing people to the physical and mental health benefits of strength training.

Ben has competed at an elite level of powerlifting and ranked in the top 10 in Australia. His best lifts include a 320kg squat, a 180kg bench, and a 300kg deadlift. While he no longer competes in powerlifting, he still focuses on strength training and is a Jiu-Jitsu hobbyist.

About Ben

Ben battled obesity and bullying as a teenager, so he knows firsthand the struggles of not being where you want to be, both physically and mentally. He observed his friends gaining interest from the opposite sex and didn’t want to become a real-life Steve Carell playing the role of a 40-Year-Old Virgin.

Ben left school and started an apprenticeship as a Cabinet Maker as an escape, but that did not improve his physical or mental state. His turning point came when he was delivering furniture on a scorching hot day to the fifth level of a commercial building. Ben pressed the button for the elevator, but no bueno.

As a result, he had to lug the entire delivery up five flights of stairs with very little help from his overweight, unfit delivery driver. When Ben returned to the truck, the small amount of help he received from his delivery driver had left him huffing and puffing. The driver reached for a 2L bottle of Mountain Dew to quench his thirst, and not long after that, he projectile vomited everywhere. Ben’s future flashed before his eyes, and he knew he didn’t want to be living the life of that delivery driver.

Since that day, Ben has lost over 30kg and completely transformed his body composition and mindset. Now, he uses strength training not only to get stronger but also to improve his body composition, reduce his anxiety levels, and enhance his overall quality of life. Ben is a firm believer in practicing what you preach and will always prioritise training and education. He was able to make a significant lifestyle change, and you can too.

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