alex chatain personal trainer at plexus personal training Randwick

Alex Chatain

Personal Trainer

Alex is an experienced Personal Trainer who focuses on strength and conditioning. He has completed his Certificate III and IV in Fitness and continues to develop his knowledge through ongoing education. He is passionate about helping his clients reach their potential using the best and most efficient training methods.


With a focus on strength training, Alex will help you transform both your mind and body. He believes in the power of mindset to motivate himself and his clients. His strong focus on self-development and upskilling gives him extensive knowledge which he is excited to share with others.

Alex attributes his own training success to his daily routine. He will assist you in implementing sustainable changes that will help you to achieve your goals and maintain your hard-earned results. As Alex’s client, you will work together to find the perfect balance between professional, social and personal life to set you up for success.


Alex started his fitness journey when he was young, playing soccer recreationally at school. He later discovered his passion for strength training and has utilised a wide variety of methods to reach his own personal goals. He is a firm believer in practising what you preach and is able to use his own experiences to inform his clients on the best approach to nutrition and training.

When Alex is not in the Plexus studio, training or reading some interesting books, you can find him soaking up the sun on the luxurious beaches of the East.

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