Real Clients, Real Results!

Our clients achieved remarkable results in March, and you can too—we guarantee it!

In February, we set the bar with a bold offer: Train with us and boost your strength by at least 15% over 10 weeks, or you’re entitled to a full refund. The reality far exceeded expectations, with our newest clients surpassing their goals and boasting an incredible average strength gain of over 40% in just 30 days!

Out of the clients who qualified for this offer and started in February, we measured their strength based on the 3-4 main exercises in each client’s program, tailored to their individual goals. When aggregating the data from all exercises across all clients, the average overall strength gain was 40.23%, surpassing expectations by 25.23% and in a much shorter timeframe.

A Snippet Of The Results

Emily Irving's strength gain results from 30 days training at Plexus

As the graphs illustrate [1], the exercises vary significantly between clients. This diversity stems from our commitment at Plexus to designing programs that are uniquely tailored to each client’s current capabilities and goals. No two clients are the same, and our ability to achieve remarkable results lies in our understanding of this principle and our bespoke programming approach.

If you’ve been contemplating starting your personal training journey, or if you’re looking to fast-track your results like Margo, Emily, or Michael, there’s no better time to reach out. Now is your chance to experience the incredible benefits of becoming significantly stronger and healthier.

Commit to training with us, and if you don’t see

-> at least a 15% increase in your strength

-> with 10 weeks of training with us

-> at least twice per week

-> you’ll get your money back.

This offer ends on June 15th. Contact us today, and we’ll organise a training schedule that’s perfectly tailored to you!


[1] Teambuildr