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How To Choose The Best Personal Trainer

Choosing the best Personal Trainer to help you improve your health can feel like a difficult decision. The right trainer will make all the difference in your results, from motivating you to actually show up to your sessions, to creating a personalised and effective program.

But what exactly makes a Personal Trainer great and how will you know they will get you results?

Why hire a Personal Trainer?

A Personal Trainer will take the guesswork out of reaching your health and fitness goals. They will provide a personalised program tailored to your lifestyle, experience and any injuries. This means every session will be personalised for you to provide progressive and sustainable results. They will also set you up with the knowledge and tools you need to achieve long-term success. A Personal Trainer will help you stay on track and give you that extra motivation to get the most out of every session.

Personal Trainers are particularly useful for beginners, those looking to get back into exercise, busy professionals and anyone looking for additional motivation in the gym. However, not all Personal Trainers will be right for you. Different trainers can have drastically different approaches, from the exercises they do, to the effort they put in and how they connect with their clients. Choosing who you work with will be a very personal decision.

Here are eight key factors to help you assess if a Personal Trainer is right for you.

1. What is their style of training?

Are they focussed on improving your overall health by using a balanced approach, or are they only interested in dramatic weight loss?

Asking a Personal Trainer what a typical session would look like will help you gauge if their style of training suits your goals. Remember, you are looking to hire them for honest and professional guidance, so be wary if they are vague. Look for a Personal Trainer who can work with you to improve your quality of life by using a sustainable approach.

At Plexus, we focus on strength training because it provides a whole range of physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages and abilities. It boosts energy and performance, lifts your mood, helps with weight loss and helps to manage, prevent and fight disease.[1]

2. Do they practice what they preach?

The kind of exercise a Personal Trainer does themselves will tell you a lot about their style of training. It will also show how passionate about health and fitness they are.

Most Personal Trainers will specialise in a particular type of training. Someone who is truly passionate about the style of training you are looking to do will bring the expertise and energy you need to stay motivated and make your sessions more enjoyable. For example, if you are looking to gain strength and your Personal Trainer doesn’t do any strength training themselves, they may not be the best person to help you achieve your goals.

3. Do they ask you questions?

It’s a huge reg flag if a Personal Trainer doesn’t seem interested in getting to know you, or understanding your goals and training experience. This information is absolutely vital as they will use this information to create a program which is tailored to your unique situation. They may ask you about the types of exercise you may have done in the past, why you want to start training and what you want to achieve. It’s also important that they conduct a movement assessment to identify any mobility issues or pre-existing injuries.

4. Will they help you set and track your goals?

Perhaps you want to gain strength, improve your quality of life, feel more energetic or lose fat. Without clearly defined goals it will be difficult to see whether your time in the gym is paying off.

A good Personal Trainer should help you set goals which are both realistic and achievable. They should check in regularly on your progress, celebrate your successes and help to troubleshoot any issues or setbacks you may be facing.

5. Do they provide a structured and personalised program?

A good Personal Trainer uses an initial consultation and movement assessment to gather the information they need to create a personalised program. Be wary of trainers who tell you they will get you on “their” six-week challenge or program before assessing your individual situation. Your program should be unique to you and tailored to your goals. This will ensure you get the most out of your time in the gym and also the best value.

Once you have a program, the hard work shouldn’t end there. Your Personal Trainer should also regularly assess your progress and where necessary, tweak your program.

6. Will they teach you the correct technique?

Learning to perform exercises safely is absolutely essential for achieving sustainable, long-term results. Whether you are in or out of the gym, performing any movement incorrectly or under too much load can lead to an injury. A good Personal Trainer will start with the basics. They will teach you the correct technique and then gradually scale up the level of difficulty and weight.

At Plexus, we understand that compound lifts such as the squat and bench press can seem daunting. These movements require a certain level of mobility and stability which means they are not suitable for every beginner. This is why we work with each client on an individual basis to identify the most beneficial movements for them. It helps them to progressively build their strength and confidence in the gym.

7. Are they easy to talk to?

The best Personal Trainers will find ways to connect with you on a personal level. This is crucial as it makes sessions more enjoyable and also more motivating. If you don’t enjoy showing up to your sessions, there’s a good chance you will find an excuse not to.

8. Do they provide the right environment for you?

Where you train plays a huge role in your training experience and motivation levels. Smaller Personal Training studios provide plenty of benefits, particularly for beginners. Without the crowds of a commercial gym, a private studio is also much less intimidating and can feel more welcoming. In addition, a studio will often have higher quality, cleaner equipment and less distractions. That means more time improving your health and less time waiting for equipment or searching for weights.

Regardless of your goals, motivation to exercise or personal circumstances, finding the right Personal Trainer is crucial for getting the results you desire. You should feel comfortable in your decision, knowing that your Personal Trainer truly cares about your health and long-term success.