Choosing The Best Shoes For Strength Training
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Choosing The Best Shoes For Strength Training

When it comes to strength training, the right footwear can make a significant difference in your performance and results. Whether you’re just starting out, or a regular gym-goer, choosing the best shoes for your needs is crucial. In this blog, we will discuss the ideal footwear for strength training.

Flat-Soled Shoes

For most strength training exercises, a flat-soled shoe is the best choice. Flat-soled shoes offer a stable base for your feet, which can help you maintain proper technique during lifts. Flat soles also help to distribute your weight evenly, allowing you to generate maximum force when lifting. When you wear shoes with too much cushioning or an elevated heel, it can reduce your stability and balance, which can negatively impact your strength training.

Weightlifting Shoes

Limited ankle mobility can be a significant roadblock for those who want to engage in squat-based movements. Fortunately, weightlifting shoes are designed to help address this issue. The raised heel found in weightlifting shoes can help change the mechanics of the squat, allowing your knees to travel over your toes more easily while maintaining proper technique. This increased range of motion can help alleviate the strain on your ankles and provide a more comfortable and effective workout.

Weightlifting shoes can also be an excellent tool for those looking to develop their quadriceps muscles. By enabling your knees to travel further over your toes, weightlifting shoes can help shift the focus of the squat towards the quads, allowing for a more targeted and effective workout. The stiff sole of weightlifting shoes provides additional support and stability during lifts, which can help you maintain proper technique and prevent injuries.

Keep in mind that while weightlifting shoes can be a great tool for improving stability and technique during lifts, it’s important to work on improving your mobility as well. If you’re wearing weightlifting shoes due to limited ankle mobility, check out our blog on improving mobility to unlock even greater benefits from your training.


While joggers are great for running, they are not the best choice for strength training. Joggers typically have extra cushioning and support, which can cause instability and reduce power output during lifts. This can make it harder for you to maintain proper form and technique, which can increase your risk of injury. When strength training, it is essential to wear shoes that provide a stable base and allow you to generate maximum force. For this reason, joggers are not recommended for strength training.

Overall, the best footwear for strength training is a flat-soled shoe, which provides a stable base for your feet and helps you maintain proper technique during lifts. However, if you have limited ankle mobility, weightlifting shoes may be a good option for you. Alternatively, if you don’t have flat-soled shoes, barefoot is a great option.

Are you looking to buy some lifting shoes?

Some great flat-soled shoe options are:

Converse Chuck Taylors – These shoes have a classic design and a flat, stable sole that makes them great for lifting. They are also durable and come in a variety of colours and styles to fit your personal preferences.

Nike Metcons – These shoes are designed for cross-training but have a flat, stable sole that makes them great for lifting as well.

Some great weightlifting shoe options are:

Nike Romaleos – These shoes are designed specifically for weightlifting and have a raised heel and a stiff sole that provide excellent stability and support during lifts. They also have an adjustable strap for a secure fit and come in a range of colours.

Adidas Adipowers – These shoes also have a raised heel and a stiff sole that make them great for weightlifting. They provide excellent stability and support during lifts and have a secure fit. They are also available in a variety of colours.