A PT’s Guide to Nutrition During the Silly Season
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A PT’s Guide to Nutrition During the Silly Season

As the work year winds down and the silly season starts to ramp up, it’s easy to completely let go of ourselves and fall off the health and fitness bandwagon. Despite our good intentions, we let the celebrations take over, and we quickly forget about the gym and healthy eating. That being said, we believe the festive season is one to be enjoyed, so let us give you some simple tips to enjoy the holidays while still staying on track toward your goals.

Tip #1: A Few Days Won’t Derail Your Progress

The days leading up to the grand Christmas lunch can be chaotic. Every office, gym, daycare and dog walking group hosts Christmas parties and celebrations. Food and drinks are abundant. Plates of food are piled so high you can barely see your colleagues and martini glasses are stacked resembling a water fountain. Naturally, you want to eat and drink your way through the event and we’re not here to stop you but remember all of these extra goodies come with extra calories. Saying that a few days of overindulgence will NOT ruin your progress. Ultimately, we want to be striving for long-term consistency with our training and nutrition to see solid long-term results. Just as one sunny day doesn’t make a summer, a few days of overindulgence during the festive season will not lead to excess fat gain. 

Tip #2: Keep Protein Intake High

Christmas ham, turkey, prawns (our mouths water at the thought of it). At Plexus, we are big advocates of a high protein diet year-round, and Christmas is no exception. With an array of delicious meats, fish, and veggies during celebrations, prioritising protein on your Christmas plate is relatively easy. During this time, we do not recommend tracking your food and monitoring how much protein you are consuming. Just making that extra bit of effort to ensure that you are prioritising protein during this period of overindulgence is a small hack that will keep you on track to achieving your goals. 

Tip #3: Enjoy It and Move On

The silly season is about celebrating with your friends and family. Our top tip for this period is to simply enjoy it. Enjoy the time off work and enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones. Remember the festive season is one to be enjoyed. You don’t need to track your food, stick to your training regime and step on the scales every day. While you can do so if it aligns with your goals, don’t stress over indulging a bit. It’s called the silly season for a reason—embrace it and move forward.


As the work year winds down and the silly season begins, maintaining health and fitness goals can be challenging. Follow these practical tips to enjoy festivities without derailing progress: recognise that a few indulgent days won’t ruin long-term results, prioritise high protein intake with festive meals, and most importantly, embrace the season’s joy without stressing over strict routines. It’s the silly season—celebrate, enjoy, and move forward.


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