Man trying to get 10000 steps on treadmill in an office

Do I Really Need 10000 Steps A Day?

Reaching 10000 steps a day is one way to boost your overall health, but is it possible to be healthy without reaching this goal?

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Plexus PT Kylie Lenton discusses a workout routine with a client

How To Start A Workout Routine And Stick To It

Here are 5 tips from a Personal Trainer to help you keep up your workout routine, even when your motivation is running low.

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5 Healthy Takeaway Meals With Zero Guilt

You don't have to say goodbye to takeaway meals to lose weight. Here's 5 takeaway meals you can enjoy with zero guilt.

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Middle aged man curls a barbell while looking frustrated that he has hit a plateau

How To Overcome A Plateau

When you hit a strength plateau it can be incredibly frustrating, but with the right approach you can quickly get back on track.

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Young man does the bench press in the gym to maintain strength

How To Maintain Strength With Less Effort

Regardless of what hurdles life throws your way, with these three simple steps you can still maintain your strength.

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Mature man raises arm and shows biceps whilst getting a caffeine hit before a workout from a coffee cup in the other hand

How Does Caffeine Affect Your Workout?

Caffeine can provide a useful boost to training sessions, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re thinking of introducing caffeine to your gym sessions you need to consider how and when to consume it.

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Weight training such as doing deadlifts is incredibly effective for weight loss

Why You Should Be Weight Training For Weight Loss

Weight training is incredibly effective for losing weight. It helps you lose fat, keep it off and improves your quality of life.

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Blonde woman asleep in bed with her alarm clock on her bedside table

How Many Hours Of Sleep Should You Be Getting?

Getting enough sleep is important for strength training, fat loss and general health, but how many hours do you really need?

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A scoop of white protein powder on a white background

The Best Protein Powder For Everyday People

You don’t have to be a gym junkie to benefit from using protein powders. But what is the best protein powder and how should you be using it?

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man doing core training at plexus personal training with Ben Wright

Core Training: The Benefits And Best Exercises

Core training is a vital part of any exercise program. By strengthening your core you will be able to perform everyday movements and lifts in the gym more easily and reduce your chance of injury.

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glass of wine being poured

How Does Drinking Affect Weight Loss?

You don't have to give up drinking to achieve your weight loss goals. It's possible to enjoy a glass or two and improve your body composition.

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man eating sushi plate of salmon nigiri, California roll and soy sauce

Swap It, Don’t Stop It: 8 Foods With Hidden Calories

Making healthier choices doesn’t have to mean cutting out all your favourite foods, even if they are harbouring some hidden calories. Sometimes it’s as simple as opting for lower calorie options. Here are 8 foods which might be making you put on fat and their alternatives to try.

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Katie doing the leg press to strengthen her knees and help her arthritis

Should You Do Strength Training With Arthritis?

Strength training is not only safe for people with arthritis, but it is beneficial. It builds muscles which support joints, is low-impact and you can gradually increase the load, reducing the risk of injury or increased pain.

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man on weight scale with measuring tape to track his fat loss

How To Effectively Track Your Fat Loss

It's important to track your fat loss journey so you can get the best results. Here are our top tips to help you on your road to success!

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man tracking his calories and macros whilst he preps his food

Nutrition Essentials Pt 3: How to Track Calories and Macros

Learning how to track your calories and macros is the best way to understand nutrition, so you can achieve your body composition goals and live a balanced lifestyle. The idea of tracking may seem exhausting, but with the right approach it can be both simple and effective.

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