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Plexus Personal Training

Plexus Personal Training is a private personal training studio in Pymble, Sydney.

We specialise in one-on-one strength training on the North Shore for all ages and provide sessions which are tailored to the individual. Our focus is on improving your quality of life, getting you strong and helping you achieve your body composition goals.

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Personal Training

Our personal training is in a private studio, where there is never more than two trainers working exclusively with their clients at a time. We have a premium space where you are free to focus on your progress, without distractions. We have equipped our studio with the best strength equipment, so you have everything you need get stronger and fitter.

Our Personal Trainers are your secret to smashing goals and feeling healthier and happier. We also customise every session to your targets, preferences, training experience, injuries and weaknesses.

At Plexus Personal Training, we are ready to build your strength and fitness so you can have more energy and improve your day-to-day life.


Our Team

Our expert team of highly experienced personal trainers have a background in strength and competitive powerlifting. With extensive training knowledge and experience, they also invest in their ongoing education. They use this to create efficient programs which get results.

At Plexus Personal Training, we care about your progress and are determined to help you achieve your goals. We have both male and female trainers who are passionate about health and fitness and able to cater to all abilities. They understand that you are unique and will therefore provide you with a tailored program and personal service.

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